Following the arrival of the UN peacekeeping force in Dili, the Jesuit Refugee Service regional director Fr Steve Curtin fears militias in West Timor - where the peacekeepers cannot go - 'will take out their anger in an orgy of violence among the "hostages" there'.
    In a website report, Fr Curtin stressed that many of the people displaced to West Timor are not refugees at all, but have been forcibly relocated to West Timor.
    The total number of refugees/deportees in West Timor's Atambua diocese has reached 98,000, and added to those shipped to Kupang and others areas of Indonesia, the total may be over 150,000.
    In the same report, JRS Indonesia director Fr Hendra Sutedja said he was fearful of the consequences a government plan to give refugees the option of transmigration (resettlement outside East Timor) or repatriation. Pro-independence supporters will inevitably identify their political position to angry militias when they request repatriation, thereby making themselves vulnerable.
    JRS 11:43am 21/9/99

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