British Home Office ministers are said to be concerned about the alleged secret activities of the Catenians, a Catholic brotherhood which helps and supports members in business and personal matters, Catholic World News reports.
    It quotes an assertion of Independent newspaper that a House of Commons Home Affairs Committee has highlighted fears that "members of the Catenian Association, which is thought to include top-ranking police officers and judges, are using their influence to pervert the course of justice."
    The position of the Catenians was raised during a two-year government investigation into the Freemasons, the secret association whose membership includes senior members of the police and the judiciary. The report, Freemasonry in the Police and the Judiciary, estimated there are around 11,500 Catenians and raised concerns about "their influence on the criminal justice system.
    Like the Freemasons, the Catenians are an exclusively male group and members are usually influential Catholic businessmen and professionals. Members take an oath of allegiance to their brethren and wear special insignia.
    The Catenian Association is more amused than angered by the story. "It's just one of those reports which creates a drama," said a spokesman.
    CWN 9:58am 30/9/99

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