The killing of five church workers on Saturday has led to a call from a prominent pro-independence official for international war crimes investigators to probe alleged atrocities committed by Indonesian soldiers since the 30 August referendum.
    Mr Leandro Isaac, a veteran independence leader and senior official in the National Council of Timorese Resistance made the call yesterday from his sanctuary in the seminary town of Dare, 10 km south of Dili.
    ``There will never be peace without justice; peace without justice is a rotten peace. If the people of Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Rwanda can claim their rights for justice the East Timorese also claim for justice,'' Mr Isaac said. ``It is not for the East Timorese to do justice but an international court.''
    Mr Isaac accused the Indonesian military of orchestrating an attack against church officials in Eastern Lautem three days ago. He said nine people were killed: two sisters, a priest and six civilians.
    In Dili a Canossian sister who asked not to be named confirmed details of the attack, which she blamed on the Indonesian army.
    She said five people were killed. She named those killed as Celeste Carvalho, an East Timorese from Baucau, Sister Ermina, an Italian national who came to East Timor in 1965, two deacons, Jacinto Xavier and Fernando Dos Santos of Baucau, and a religious affairs student named as Valerio in his early 20s, from eastern Los Calos.
    ``They were shot by TNI (Indonesian military),'' she said. ``They are all dead. They went on Saturday, left from Baucau to Los Calos and they did not return,'' said another priest.
    The United Nations spokesman in East Timor, Mr David Wimhurst, said he was waiting for more details about the killings. He expressed shock at the news. ``This looks like a final attempt to break the spirit of the people who have given the most protection over the years,'' he said.
    A burial service was held yesterday for the victims, and an initial investigation into the attack was expected to be made by military police, members of the International Force in East Timor.
    Age 12:04pm 29/9/99

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