Singing prayers and songs of defiance, nuns and church activists staged a sit-in on a New Delhi thoroughfare yesterday to protest against the stripping and humiliation of a nun in eastern India.
    Citing a complaint from a local bishop, police said that last Monday a nun in Bihar state was allegedly abducted by two men, stripped and forced to drink their urine.
    "In the name of religion she was stripped, humiliated and disgraced," said New Delhi's Archbishop Alan de Lastic, who sat on one of the busiest roads in the city near Connaught Place, New Delhi's main business district, with about 200 nuns, church leaders and activists. "Today the womanhood of India has been dragged into the mire and insulted."
    Dozens of police holding bamboo batons watched in silence as the nuns raised their fists, sang songs and shouted slogans demanding action against the attackers. Traffic was ordered off the road for the protest.
    According to church leaders, the attacked nun had hired a taxi in the town of Chapra in Bihar, India's poorest and most lawless state. Two men in the vehicle threatened her with a knife and forced her to a secluded area. The men urinated in a bottle and threatened to rape her when she tried to resist drinking it, the local bishop said.
    The men said this would be a lesson to her not to convert Hindus, he said.
    AP 1:09pm 27/9/99

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