Pope John Paul II urged humanity not to despair at the horrors of the 20th century but to "lift our gaze high", entering the new millennium with the lessons of the tragic past as a guide.
    ``Today, the world needs hope and is searching for hope,'' the pope said in an address to Polish professors in the university town of Torun, birthplace of astronomer Nicholas Copernicus, who discovered that the Earth rotated around the sun.
    ``But does not the tragic history of our century, with its wars, its criminal totalitarian ideologies, its concentration camps and gulags, make it easy for us to yield to the temptation of discouragement and despair?'' he said.
    Since arriving in Poland last Saturday, the pontiff has been urging Poles not to forget their difficult past but to take inspiration from it for the future.
    Reuters 1:44pm 8/6/99

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