Nuns in cloistered convents are to be allowed limited use of mobile phones and the Internet under new Vatican guidelines. But radio and television will continue to be virtually banned.
    A Vatican document approved at the weekend said: "In a cloistered religious existence the mass media must be used with sobriety and discretion, not only with regard to the contents, but also the quantity of information and the kind of communication."
    Radio and television may be used "only in particular circumstances of a religious nature". But faxes, mobile phones and the Internet may be used for work provided the convent "gives its permission", and these means are used "prudently" and in strict accordance with need.
    The decision to allow the Internet did not surprise Carlo Molari, an Italian theologian. He told the London Telegraph: "It is different because in this case the nun can choose the websites she wants - although obviously one has to be trained in order not to let oneself be led away by desire."
    Telegraph 1:42pm 8/6/99

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