East Timor's Bishop Carlos Belo has appealed to the people of Dili to vote according to their conscience in today's elections.
    Bishop Belo addressed a crowd of more than 8000 people at an outdoor church service in Dili last night.
    Thousands of East Timorese Catholics were celebrating the feast of Corpus Christi underneath a statue of the Virgin Mary on Dili's waterfront.
    At the ceremony, Bishop Carlos Belo appealed to the crowd to be careful in their democratic choices over the next two months.
    Today, East Timorese vote in Indonesia's elections and in August they decide whether or not to stay in the Indonesian republic or to start on the path towards independence.
    Bishop Belo said the people should make their decision without any outside influence and not allow their conscience to be bought with money or any other offers. He said a choice that is made with a pure conscience will establish a good government which will take care of everybody. ABC 12:07pm 7/6/99

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