Reuters reports that Australian Catholic clergy are threatening to boycott a popular beer brand over an advertisement showing a young man conning a priest into giving him the names of potential sexual partners.
    It reports that clergy said on Saturday they were warning brewers Lion Nathan that churchgoers would stop buying the Tooheys New brand because the television advert suggested priests inadvertently violated the confidentiality of the confession booth.
    The commercial shows a young man confessing to indiscretions with a ``beautiful young woman,'' leading the curious priest to suggest the names of three women who had apparently confessed to extramarital sex. The young man then bursts in a pub and enjoys a round of Tooheys New with his mates as they seek out the three women.
    Lion Nathan's corporate affairs director, Gabriel McDowell, told Reuters advertising standards officials had rejected the complaints and Tooheys New sales had risen since the advertisement started running three months ago.
    Reuters 12:04pm 7/6/99

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