Leftist rebels on Saturday released five Catholic worshippers but continued to hold dozens of people kidnapped during a Catholic mass a week ago, officials said.
    ``The rebels have freed these people, but the liberation of the whole group is suspended until there is movement on the part of the government,'' the ombudsman, Jose Fernando Castro, said in a radio interview. He said several of those released had health problems.
    Castro did not say what the rebels wanted in return for the remaining captives.
    An estimated 55 worshippers remained in the hands of the National Liberation Army, the 5000-member rebel group that raided a church in an upscale Cali neighbourhood last Sunday.
    Meanwhile, Archbishop Isaias Duarte told the rebels that "it is not by committing injustice that justice is won, nor by attacking innocent beings that one achieves peace."
    Having already excommunicated the terrorists, he said: "What you have done places you indisputably outside the Church.. In the end, it is not possible to be a Catholic by hating, murdering, kidnapping, violating religious liberty, and ignoring the most elementary human rights."
    AP & Zenit 12:02pm 7/6/99

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