Some Muslim politicians and religious leaders in Indonesia have called on Muslims to vote only for Muslim-dominated parties in Monday's general election.
    UCA News reports that Jesuit Cardinal Julius Darmaatmadja of Jakarta has expressed concern over appeals to religious identity to block certain political parties.
    Political leaders should avoid exploiting religious identity in election campaigns, or else interreligious harmony could be jeopardised, he said.
    The Jesuit cardinal recommended that political leaders should focus more on efforts to save the nation from its current crisis. Social unrest and, in some places, interreligious animosity has accompanied the economic crisis.
    The issue of religious identity in regard to the election came to the fore after Hamzah Haz, chairman of the Islamic-oriented Partai Persatuan Pembangunan (united development party) asked Muslims not to vote for parties whose legislative candidates are less than 90 percent Muslims.
    Meanwhile, the Cardinal asked a 14 member delegation of priests and nuns arriving from the Philippines to act as election monitors to keep a low profile.
    UCA 11:53am 4/5/99


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