Australian Catholic Bishops Conference President Cardinal Edward Clancy, has sought the withdrawal of a controversial TV commercial featuring a priest in a confessional.
    In a letter to Tooheys brewer Lion Nathan, he said: "As presented, it depicts a priest breaking the seal of the confessional by revealing names. This is deeply insulting to Catholic priests who hold the seal of confidentiality absolutely sacred."
    "We are surprised that a major public corporation would behave in a way that takes so little regard of the religious sensitivities of a large section of the population and continue with this advertisement in the face of the complaints that have been made," he continued.
    But Tooheys brewer Lion Nathan managing director, Mr Walter Bugno, replied that the advertisement would not be withdrawn as several independent bodies found that it did not contravene the advertising code, and market research had shown the advertisement had been well received by the Australian public.
    Catholic Weekly 12:23pm 3/6/99


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