How the Church can re-evangelise the cultures that were once thoroughly Christian in their inspiration, but have now lapsed into secularism. is the subject of an 50-page document released on yesterday by the Pontifical Council for Culture.
    The new Vatican statement, entitled A Pastoral Program for Culture, encapsulates the results of five years of work by the Pontifical Council. It provides a blueprint for Catholics seeking to "give new life to a de-Christianized world."
    The document deplores the "subjectivism" which dominates much of contemporary culture, leading people to reject the possibility of knowing the truth, and thus clearing the way for religious indifference, materialism, and hedonism. The Pontifical Culture points out that many modern men "lose their cultural identity," and consequently lose their bearings in modern society. The problem is compounded, the document observes, by the globalisation of culture on one hand, and the resurgence of narrow forms of nationalism on the other-- each trend interfering with the appreciation of a society's real cultural heritage.
    Zenit 3:31pm 2/6/99


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