Church aid personnel on the ground in Macedonia are becoming concerned for the fate of refugees being evacuated to distant countries such as Australia. The Jesuit Refugee Service reports that one of its Macedonia co-workers Enda Byrne, it's thought that refugees should not be evacuated to western countries, as this renders their chances of eventual return home more remote than ever.
    "When I see a rural peasant family of 14, (parents and 12 children) being shipped out to France, I wonder what is to become of them," Mr Byrne said.
    The humanitarian evacuation rogram is being jointly administered by UNHCR and the International Organisation for Migration. Refugees are going to Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, the UK and the United States. So far, 67,983 refugees have departed under the program.
    JRS 11:59am 3/6/99


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