The local Catholic Parish Priest Fr Stephen Sinn SJ disagrees with the Uniting Church Wayside Chapel's safe drug injecting room, but applauds the motivation behind it as a "genuine response" to the drug problem.
    "I don't support establishing a safe-room unless it is government supported," Fr Sinn told The Catholic Weekly. "But I do think it is a reasonable thing to provide a room that has safeguards for people who are addicts."
    Fr Sinn said the Wayside Chapel tolerance room (or T-room) was set up after a great deal of consideration by people who had direct experience with addicts.
    "It is a genuine response to a problem we have all been facing, a problem that needs to be addressed," he said.
    Fr Sinn said no place at Kings Cross catered to the basic needs of addicts. "No one wants these people around. At the moment there isn't even a (public) toilet in the Cross, not even at McDonalds. There isn't even a tap that has a handle on it because users want water to mix the powder, and then they use in the garden where the tap is," he said.
    Meanwhile the controversial heroin injecting room is expected to open as planned tomorrow despite a police raid yesterday. Police did not close the room or make arrests related to its operation.

11:27am 13/5/99 / Catholic Weekly


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