Six Our Lady of Mercy Brothers teaching at a college near Dili had to evacuate students and teachers after a rumour claiming that a bomb and firearms are stored in the campus.
    "We have to leave the campus, because the rumour of a bomb and firearms allegedly kept in the campus has been used by pro-integration militiamen as a pretext to attack students," Our Lady of Mercy Brother Franciscus Lengkong told UCA News.
    Although the brothers know that the rumour was groundless, they had to leave the campus after evacuating students and families of lay teachers on Monday, said Brother Lengkong, head of his congregation's house in the polytechnic campus in Hare village, 20 kilometers east of Dili.
    He added that the rumour was first spread to the campus by Mateus de Sousa, leader of Besi Merah Putih (BMP, red-white iron), a pro-integration militia group, causing unrest among the students.

10:08am 13/5/99 / UCA News


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