Government officials authorised religious groups including Catholic seminarians to join students who made up the bulk of demonstrators in protests against last week's NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.
    AP reports that the care taken to line up the religious groups one after another in Monday's protest, was an effort to show all kinds of people were united behind the government.
    ``If it weren't so well organized, all of Beijing would be here,'' said Fr Meng Ningyou, a Catholic priest leading seminarians. He questioned whether reports of atrocities by Serb forces in Kosovo were true and, like many, declared it was wrong for NATO to use force.
    Amid the stones and abuse hurled at the US Embassy and consulates in massive protests that started on Saturday, demonstrators said they wanted to show their fury at the United States. The deaths of three Chinese journalists on a symbolic piece of Chinese territory in Belgrade has touched off the nationwide wave of anger.

1:26pm 12/5/99 / AP


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