A group of priests in Burundi have deplored the official church backing given to Augustin Misago, the Rwandan bishop suspected of involvement in mass murder.
    The Vatican has condemned the move and repeated its belief that Bishop Misago is innocent, while Archbishop Simon Ntamwana of Gitega, the president of the Burundian bishops' conference, has expressed "great surprise" at the bishop's arrest.
    The London Tablet reports tht several priests, none of whom wishes to be named, have taken the opposite view. One described Archbishop Ntamwana as "dishonest" in committing the Burundian clergy to "solidarity with a genocide suspect". Another emphasised the seriousness of the accusations. "He should plead his case without the clergy being obliged to support him", the priest added.

10:08am 10/5/99 / The Tablet


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