On the anniversary of tragic murders of a year ago, the new commander of the Vatican's Swiss Guard claims it is is almost fully recovered, but is like an "elderly lady" who must be treated with "patience and respect, especially with sensitivity to not upset important customs and habits." This is according to new commander 47 year old Colonel Pius Segmuller.
    Commander Alois Estermann and of his wife, Gladys Mesa Romero, killed by Vice-Corporal Cedric Tornay before he killed himself on May 4, 1998.
    Outlining a series of changes and reforms that has been put in place, Segmuller told Catholic World News: "Many scars and still open wounds are the silent witnesses of 4 May, 1998... [It is however necessary] to look towards the future with confidence," he declared.

10:59am 5/5/99 / Catholic World News


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