On the occasion of the Buddhist feast of Vesakh, Cardinal Francis Arinze, Prefect of the Pontifical Council for the Interreligious Dialogue, on Tuesday expressed the desire of the Catholic Church for a greater "solidarity for the good of humanity" in its entirety.
    In a traditional message addressed to "our Buddhist friends" on the feast of the birth of Siddartha Gautama named Buddha, on the day of the full moon of the lunar month (Vesakh), the Nigerian cardinal recalled that the Great Jubilee gives to the Church the opportunity to "renew her friendship and her commitment to dialogue with different religious traditions" in the world. "The possibilities and the potentialities of dialogue" between the Buddhist religion and the Catholic faith "are numerous and the results so far are not inconsiderable."
    Catholic World News reports that such a dialogue makes it possible to work "for the good of humanity" because the current world lives under "many painful and alarming conditions." For the prelate, the rejection of moral standards, the erosion of family values, all forms of injustice and of exclusion, the violence and the intolerance, the hatred and all the discrimination are "contrary to the teaching of our respective traditions," he added. "Cannot Buddhists and Christians collaborate more closely and work in solidarity to alleviate all these problems? I am completely convinced of it," concluded the cardinal.

10:46am 5/5/99 / Catholic World News


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