An Indonesian-born theologian who left the priesthood in protest against last year's papal document tightening church rules on dissent - Ad Tuendam Fidem - has launched a web site intended to be the leading international collection of resources in support of women's ordination.
    In 1977, Mill Hill missionary John Wijngaards published Did Christ Rule Out Women Priests? in response to a papal document that reasserted the ban on women priests. He resigned last year after Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger asserted the infallibility of teaching against women priests.
    "I couldn't represent an institution that was telling people they couldn't be part of the church if they believed in ordaining women," he said.
    Wijngaards said, however, that he remains a committed Roman Catholic despite his resignation from the active priesthood.
    Wijngaards, 63, was born in Indonesia to Dutch parents. His family spent time in a Japanese prison camp during World War II and was later repatriated to the Netherlands. Wijngaards became a priest with the Mill Hill Fathers in 1959 and obtained a doctorate in scripture.
    His site is at
    NCR 1:59pm 27/5/99


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