During his regular Wednesday audience in the Vatican, Pope John Paul II addressed questions of human destiny that are on the minds of many people at the threshold of the new millennium by saying "it is necessary to be patient in waiting for Jesus resurrected."
    "The tension about the final event must be lived in serene hope, committed to the present moment in the construction of the Kingdom which at the end will be given by Christ into the Father's hands," the Pope said.
    The Pope hoped to dispel the fears, and to stimulate reflection in a society where "everything happens at incredible speed, be it because of scientific and technological discoveries, or because of the media's influence."
    He described anticipation of the return of Christ foretold in the Scriptures as a wait that, as Christ himself said to his apostles, must be accompanied by "preaching and witnessing."
    "Pilgrims in search of a lasting home, we must hope, as our fathers in the faith did, for a better homeland, in other words, for heaven," the Holy Father added.
    Zenit 1:53pm 27/5/99


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