Pope John Paul II has specially requested the inclusion of an exhaustive 20 cities during his forthcoming tour of Poland.
    Vatican spokesperson Joaquin Navarro-Valls told a news briefing the pope would stress Poland's national unity and reconciliation among Christian churches while celebrating a new era of the Roman Catholic church.
    The 5-17 June pilgrimage will ``summarize the whole pontificate (of more than 20 years) because of the very many dimensions it has,'' Navarro-Valls said.
    ``The ecumenical dimension will be present, the national reconciliation and unity will be present and religious themes will be present,'' he said. ``The trip and the meetings will cross beyond Poland's geographic dimension.''
    He called the pope's eighth and longest visit to his homeland a continuation of the last pilgrimage, in 1997, and the completion of his tour of Poland's 40 dioceses. The pope, despite his old age and visibly decreasing health, insisted on such a lengthy visit packed with stops at an ``enormous quantity of cities,'' according to Navarro-Walls.

12:22pm 26/5/99 / AP


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