Widespread fear has gripped Colombia's priests and religious in the wake of the murder of another parish priest. Father Pedro Camacho of Cachira was murdered last week in the Archdiocese of New Pamplona.
    In a communiqué to the public, the Archbishop, priests, religious and faithful expressed their "profound sadness" that "the violence which strikes our country is now making victims of those who announce peace, love and reconciliation."
    Father Camacho began his pastoral work in the area eight months ago. From the beginning he spoke out against the injustice of the guerrilla violence and was outstanding for his commitment to abandoned children.
    In the document, the Church in New Pamplona calls for the released of the kidnapped persons and expresses its solidarity with the Cachira parish and the families affected by the criminal acts.

12:19pm 25/5/99 / Zenit


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