The rate of Catholic Mass attendance in Australia fell 10% over the period 1991-96, according to the Catholic Church Life Survey.
    This compares with a decline of 12% in attendance at Uniting Church services and 5% in Anglican attendance. However there was strong growth in Pentecostal Churches such as the Christian Revival Crusade (up 20%) and the Salvation Army (up 10%).
    The figures from non-Catholic Churches were produced by the National Church Life Survey report Build My Church. The report indicates that growing congregations are characterised by a sense of vision, an outward focus, and a concern for young people which is partly reflected in more contemporary forms of worship. Another critical factor in congregational vitality are religious leaders with a strong sense of direction and a willingness to listen to and involve lay people in the life of the church.

2:14pm 4/5/99 / SMH


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