Fathers are too often portrayed as buffoons with no real role in the family, and films and videos are full of violent and selfish men, claims the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr George Pell.
    In his published Pentecost Message for 1999 entitled Fathers and Sons, which was distributed to Catholics in Melbourne, Pell writes that fathers are still able to give their sons and daughters knowledge and wisdom about the world.
    He is highly critical of certain male stereotypes now being portrayed in the media, and of negative images of men as fathers and husbands.
    "Media images of men shape all our views... the wimp and the macho are presented as two models: the one weak and unreliable, the other violent and exploitative - especially of women; both selfish and unable or unwilling to commit themselves to other people," claims Dr Pell.
    He blamed the trend on changing sexual mores and the "anti-male ideology of some feminism".
    Referring specifically to the role of wives and mothers, Dr Pell said that mothers and fathers need to complement each other in raising their children because "everyone is aware of the mediating role that mothers play between fathers and their children, especially with sons, as well as their vital modelling role of their daughters".

12:08pm 24/5/99 / Catholic Communications


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