The Cardinal Archbishop of Milan Carlo Martini has called upon journalists to 'disarm the war by arming it with reason'. He was responding to the question of whether reporters should limit themselves to objective reporting of facts rather than a more interpretative style of reporting that reflects peace and Gospel values.
    "We need to reflect more deeply on the constant evangelical truths, even in the darkest moments of history, although the task of a reporter is to be objective in reporting the different sides, not taking a stance immediately, but trying to act so that everyone will understand the other's position."
    He said it is also necessary to be able to express values which have been thought out in political terms.
    "It is not enough to say 'down with the war.' Words are not enough. Concrete paths must be pointed out, with no quarter given to slogans. To think 'politically,' means to find concrete ways of implementing great values, not just affirming them. Look at the Pope: he acts in favor of peace by making concrete proposals."

9:55am 4/5/99 / Zenit


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