Following the Holy See's initiative to send its highest diplomatic representative to speak with Yugoslavian president Milosevic to renew the dialogue and silence the arms in the Kosovo war, the Patriarch of Moscow wishes to make a similar gesture. Tomorrow Patriarch Alexis II will visit Belgrade on a "peace mission", according to an announcement made late last week by the Russian Patriarchy. A meeting between Alexis II and his counterpart, Patriarch Pavle of the Serbian Church has been confirmed. There is talk of meetings with "Yugoslavian politicians," including the possibility of an interview with president Milosevic.
    In recent declarations the Russian Patriarchy has taken a unilateral position in favor of the Serbs, "brothers in stock and faith," with a tendency to ignore the sufferings of the people of Albanian origin. But, yesterday's document states that "only a life of peace and dignity for all, including the Albanians of Kosovo, will preserve the country's integrity and will allow for the triumph of order and harmony." The communiqué adds: "The achievement of peace in Kosovo, which is an inalienable sanctuary of the Serbian people, is not possible without guarantees of security for the Albanians who live there."

9:38am 15/4/99 / Zenit


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