In the wake of continuing sectarian clashes, Indonesia's bishops have called on Catholics nationwide to join hands with fellow compatriots of other religions to build up solidarity in combating the crises facing the nation, according to a report of the UCA news agency.
    "Together with the whole nation, we should be committed to restore all damage and wounds caused by egotism, narrow-minded group interests, manipulations, efforts to marginalize others and fierce revenge," the bishops wrote in an 8-page pastoral letter.
    The bishops urged Catholics not to be overcome by fear, but to join with the whole nation in developing and internalizing a healthy morality and faith life.
    Referring to the sectarian clashes, the bishops insisted that "we reject violence and we are committed not to respond to violence with violence, though it seems to be reasonable, even in defense of we regard as sacred and faith causes."
    "Vote for parties that have good moral quality and are loyal to the interests of the whole nation, national unity and togetherness," they added.
    The bishops also warned political parties against money politics, exploitation of communal sentiments, politicization of religion, violence, and manipulation in the general elections.

9:38am 15/4/99 / UCA News


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