Bishop Franz Grave of Essen, Germany, has described the NATO attacks as an act of dispair, pursued "simply because non-action is unbearable". In a homily on Sunday, he noted that the attack is being carried out by NATO, rather than the UN, to avoid the veto of the Security Council.
    He said: "Hopefully the rights of peoples won't be damaged by this in the future," continued the Bishop. "Self-limitation and self-commitment to ratified agreements are a high good in the coexistence of peoples and have prevented war in many crises." He asked further if we can even speak of peace if we "look on without acting while life, dignity, and human rights are trampled underfoot." However, he noted the "terrifyingly grave responsibility to have to choose between action and non-action here, and between various means."
    According to Bishop Grave, the crisis cannot be seen only from one side. "One side talks only about the suffering of the persecuted, the other speaks only of the suffering that comes from the bombs." Until the whole picture is understood, there can be no peace. The word 'peace' means duty and obligation, not maneuvering assets for tactics in the interests of each of the concerned parties."

9:38am 15/4/99 / Zenit


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