The Mexican Catholic Bishops have issued a statement insisting that "fidelity to the Gospel" is at the heart of social justice, rather than "demagogic opportunism". It says that, in their enthusiasm to help people, the Bishops should not pretend to do the work of politicians, sociologists, economists and psychologists.
    Recalling the words of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the President of the Episcopal Conference's 66th Assembly said that when societies have "bread as their only value, they end up by being empty societies, and in that spiritual vacuum not even bread is found... The Church must pay greater attention to the formation of conscience, to prepare social leaders for public life at all levels, to promote ethical education, the observance of the law and of human rights and to make a greater effort in the ethical formation of the political class," he explained.
    In statements to the press, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera disclosed that during the meeting of the Mexican Episcopate there will be no political topics discussed. The principal issue is the analysis of the apostolic exhortation 'Church in America,' given by John Paul II at the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe during his recent visit to the country, as a conclusion to the Synod of Bishops for America.
    The Archbishop Primate of Mexico pointed out that the Church has the mission "to illuminate the economic, political and social realities in the light of the Gospel, without supporting any party or group and, even less, a person." In this connection, he requested that an end be put to the conflicts among political parties and appealed to the pre-candidates to the presidency of the Republic in the year 2000 to reconcile and create a positive atmosphere before the elections.

9:38am 15/4/99 / Zenit


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