"The Church hopes that human and Christian values will not be compromised by modern tourism which not always respects creation nor the rights and spiritual values of man," according to a statement from Bishop Piero Monni, the Holy See's observer at the meeting of the World Tourist Organisation.
    At a meeting in Madrid, he proposed a "sustainable tourism" exacting from tourist industry staff special attention to fundamental principles related to compatible development. These include respect for demands of an ecological character, as well as of the cultures and values of people, and efficient management of the economic dimension which will offer guarantees to future generations.
    Services which are non-existent and must be urgently implemented, Bishop Monni pointed out, are judicial, health and religious facilities for the tourist abroad. In order to improve the situation, he emphasized the need to elaborate a global code of tourist ethics.
    Finally the Bishop requested greater commitment from those in tourism so that all persons will have access to this activity and enjoy the educational opportunity it offers which is worthy of the human person and can provide a means for material and spiritual betterment.

9:38am 15/4/99 / Zenit


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