In his message for World Media Day (18 April), Pope John Paul has asked how the media can become a "friendly presence for those seeking the love of God in their lives".
    Giving examples of how the Church can enrich and give meaning to the media's work, while making use of it to fulfill her mission, the Pope said: "In the journey of human seeking, the Church looks for friendliness in the media, aware that all forms of cooperation will benefit everyone."
    He also urged the media to move beyond fleetingness towards hope: "The culture of the Church's memorial could help save the fleetingness of the 'news,' which modern communication provides, but which runs the risk of losing hope; the media, on the other hand, can help the Church to proclaim the Gospel in all its enduring actuality, in the reality of the daily life of people."
    The full text of the papal message can be found at .

10:09am 14/4/99 / Zenit


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