The Pope has surprised the world and the music industry with the instant success of his CD recording "Abba Pater". Triple platinum records in Argentina, gold in Chile, Colombia, Switzerland and Peru, and a place among the ten best musical albums of the U.S. magazine "Billboard," have made the CD recording, which combines John Paul II's voice with classical and modern music, something of a musical phenomenon at the end of the 90s.
    The Sony Classical representatives gave a conference in New York to announce the overwhelming success of the papal album in its first week on sale in the international market.
    The business executives did not hide their surprise and satisfaction that a record with religious messages has taken the international markets by storm and seems poised to do the same in many countries.
    "Abba Pater" made its debut in position number ten of the ranking of the new artists of "Billboard," dominated by rock, rap and pop stars, in second place in the list of the best albums of classical music after its launching last March 23.
    The CD combines messages and prayers of John Paul II with select pieces of contemporary music interpreted by young artists. The recording has been promoted through a video which accompanies the main theme of the CD called "Abba Pater," in which pictures of the Vatican television archives are included showing scenes of the many international trips and pilgrimages of John Paul II.

10:36am 13/4/99 / Zenit


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