Catholics in Kosovo may be escaping the most brutal treatment by Serbian military forces, according to the Vatican news agency Fides.
    Catholics in Kosovo are a small minority within a minority; most of the people of Kosovo are Albanian Muslims, and the Christian minority there is primarily Orthodox. The Catholic population has always held a delicate position during the recent years of conflict between Serbs and Kosovars, Fides points out, explaining: " if they work for respect for human rights they risk being accused by the Serbs of collusion with terrorism; if they try to dialogue with the Serbs, the Muslim Albanian majority-- with which they are on very good terms-- could accuse them of 'collaborating' with the Serb authorities."
    Fides was unable to contact Bishop Marko Sopi, an auxiliary in the Diocese of Skopje, Macedonia, who exercises pastoral responsibility for the Albanian Catholics in Kosovo. But the Byzantine-rite Bishop Joakim Herbut-- also of Skopje-- reported that Latin-rite Catholics in Kosovo had been able to celebrate Easter freely. Bishop Herbut said that he had met a number Catholics who had left Kosovo to escape the fighting, but their homes had not been destroyed nor had they been personally mistreated or threatened by Serbian forces.

8/04/99 10:38:41 - Catholic World News


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