Papua New Guinea Justice Minister has charged the Catholic archbishop of Port Moresby with inciting civil unrest after the cleric called for Prime Minister Bill Skate to resign.
    Archbishop Brian Barnes said in an interview with a local newspaper last week that Skate's government could face a popular uprising because of rampant corruption and incompetence. Justice Minister Simon Kaumi said the archbishop's comments were biased. "The churches should be complementing government efforts to address the law and order problem in the country and not incite an uprising as Archbishop Barnes has done in his outburst," he said.
    "What our good archbishop is saying sounds very familiar to the allegations and half-truths the opposition have been preaching," he added. Archbishop Barnes had said the people of Papua New Guinea would not long tolerate corruption, high inflation, rising crime, poor economic management, and a breakdown in the delivery of goods and services.

7/04/99 10:36:00 / Catholic World News


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