The eight United States Cardinals have sent letters to Bill Clinton and Slobodan Milosevic requesting an end to the armed conflict and a return to the negotiating table.
    In writing to the leader of the Yugoslavian Federation, Cardinals Anthony Bevilacqua of Philadelphia, Francis George of Chicago, James Hickey of Washington, William Keeler of Baltimore, Bernard Law of Boston, Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, Adam Maida of Detroit and John O'Connor of New York have requested that he cease his military and police operations against the civilian population of Kosovo.
    In their missive to Bill Clinton, the Cardinals requested an immediate cease-fire. "There must be no time lost in an effort to return to the negotiating table," the prelates said. "The efforts of these negotiations must seek to guarantee the populations of Kosovo a degree of autonomy that respects their legitimate aspirations, according to history and law."

7/04/99 10:27:26 / Zenit


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