John Paul II prayed "for consolation and support for the refugees and for all those suffering because of the war."
    Speaking at his Castelgandolfo retreat outside Rome, he said: "We have not forgotten those who are experiencing great suffering. I remember with affection the many refugees from Kosovo, who are living in extremely trying conditions."
    As usual there were many people in the streets to greet him, but this time there was a sense of gravity in the air. The Pontiff also expressed his gratitude for all those helping in the rescue. "I express my special appreciation for Italy's commitment to Albania."
    The Pope has launched a broad and generous operation of assistance called "Rainbow," which covers the national territory as well. He also encouraged "public and private institutions, volunteers organizations and citizens to intensify their efforts to meet the needs of our brothers who are going through such a difficult trial."

7/04/99 10:24:04 / Zenit


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