Catholics in Cuba celebrated Easter in the Communist country on Sunday with outdoor processions, baptisms, and exuberant Masses, marking the new tolerance for religion by the government.
    Catholic World News reports that Cardinal Jaime Ortega began the Easter celebration on Saturday evening outside Havana's main cathedral for a ceremony to light the new Easter fire before the vigil Mass took place indoors. It was the second time, after a similar ceremony last year, that the ceremony had been held in public since religious activities were ordered confined to church premises soon after Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution.
    In his homily, the cardinal told the congregation that Christ had been mistaken in his own time for a political rebel against the ruling authorities, but that his real mission was salvation for all mankind. The statement may have been a reassurance for the Communist government which is wary of the Church taking a political role.

6/04/99 10:27:34 / Catholic World News


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