Msgr. Benito Bernardo Pentzke, the vicar general of the diocese of Leon, has lodged a formal protest against a fundamentalist group which tried to disrupt Catholic services on Good Friday, and even threatened the life of a Catholic pastor.
    Catholic World News reports that a group of 20 men, disguised as devils, had blocked the entry to the church of St. James the Apostle in Leon, seeking to prevent parishioners from entering to participate in the Way of the Cross. The pastor was forced to ask police to clear a path, and at that point one of the demonstrators threatened to kill the priest.
    On the same day, in the town of San Jacinto, another group of fundamentalist Protestants set up stereo equipment outside a Catholic Church, and turned music up to full volume in an effort to disrupt Good Friday services.
    Msgr. Pentzke lamented that the militant Protestants had dedicated "most of their time to offending the Catholic Church" rather than their own worship services. He said that he welcomed all Christians, of any denomination, to join Catholics in prayer.

9:59am 12/4/99 / INSERT_SOURCE_HERE


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