The Sisters of St Joseph are calling for financial support for a project that will teach basic first aid in East Timor. The appeal is being organised through the Mary McKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies.
    Funding is being sought from the Australian Government and the general public. The sisters believe this is a vital humanitarian project. They have 20 medical clinics in East Timor, a country that has lost one third of its population through poverty, disease and oppression since 1975.
    The Institiute was established five yiears ago to assist with health education, as well as catechesis and general education through the medium of the Tetum language. It enjoys the support of Sydney's Cardinal Edward Clancy, Bishop Patrick Dougherty of Bathurst, and Nobel Prize WInner Bishop Belo of East Timor. Tax deductible donations may be sent to Mary McKillop Institute of East Timorese Studies, PO Box 299, St Marys NSW 2790.

1/04/99 11:22:07 / Catholic Communications Brisbane


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