At a 30 March meeting of ambassadors accredited to the Holy See, Cardinal Angelo Sodano insisted that "an end to military operations" is essential to the peace process in Kosovo.
    Catholic World News reports that the Vatican's Secretary of State was speaking to a meeting of diplomats, who had been summoned to a joint session to discuss the crisis in Kosovo. Cardinal Sodano said that the United Nations and other international bodies had a duty to re-establish peace in the region. The diplomats who had been asked to attend the meeting were the Vatican ambassadors of the NATO nations and the nations belonging to the UN Security Council.
    The meeting, an unprecedented event at the Vatican, brought together 16 ambassadors, for a two-hour session. Only one of the ambassadors summoned to the meeting failed to attend: the Russian envoy. Diplomatic sources suggested that the Russian government had given the ambassador directions not to attend, fearing that he would be isolated among the diplomats representing NATO. The Russian government has condemned the NATO air strikes, and indicated sympathy toward the claims of Yugoslavia.

1/04/99 10:09:24 / Catholic World News


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