Sydney's Cardinal Edward Clancy has alluded to the 'culture of death' in his Easter message, describing it as a 'false instinct of the human spirit'. He sees death as the common element in much of what we're preoccupied with on the eve of the milennium - war, terrorism, murder, suicide, enforced starvation, abortino, and the drive for legalised euthanasia.
    He said: "There is also the stench of death in apathy, indifference, cynicism and despair in many quarters. We do indeed seem to be caught up in a culture of death. But such is not a true instinct of the human spirit. There is also much vitality, promise, goodwill and hope in ouir world, and it is such instincts that the Easter event supports... Christ triumphed over sin and death in our name, and opened up for us limitless horizons of life and happiness and fulfillment."

30/03/99 12:05:29 - Catholic Communications


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