The Catholic Primate of All Ireland on Sunday called for a "totally independent" investigation into the murder of Ulster human rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson.
    Archbishop Sean Brady of Armagh said it would be better for the credibility of the police investigation if officers of the Royal Ulster Constabulary were not involved. Nelson was killed in a car bomb attack by renegade loyalists two weeks ago in Lurgan. She had previously claimed that RUC officers had made death threats to her -- allegations which were investigated by police from London.
    The RUC Chief Constable Sir Ronnie Flanagan appointed the Chief Constable of Kent, David Philips, and FBI Legal Attache John Guido to oversee his force's investigation into Nelson's murder. But in a BBC radio interview, Archbishop Brady called for the investigation to be headed by a United Nations special rapporteur who had already conducted an inquiry into police threats made against Nelson and other lawyers. He said the involvement of the UN rapporteur would inspire confidence.

30/03/99 9:36:48 / Catholic World News


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