Thousands of youth defied heavy rain on Palm Sunday to celebrate the World Youth Day with the Pope. The annual event recalls the youth who were in the huge crowd which welcomed Christ triumphantly into Jerusalem.
   John Paul II said: "It is a time when youth meet with their pastors and joyfully profess and proclaim their faith in Christ, they examine their own deepest aspirations, they experience the communion of the Church, and they confirm and renew their own commitment to the urgent task of the new evangelization."
    In a message to English-speaking youth, he said: "On the vigil of the new millennium, this is your hour. The contemporary world opens new paths to you and calls you to be witnesses of faith and joy, as the palms and olive branches you are carrying in your hands express, symbols of a new springtime of grace, beauty, goodness and peace."

Zenit 29/03/99 10:14:56


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