Catholic aid organisation Caritas has made it clear that healing the human heart through prayer is an integral part of its effort to assist in the Kosovo war zone.
    Italian Bishops' Conference head Bishop Antonelli said: "From the encounter with God in prayer, a mysterious force touches the human heart, leading it to conversion and renewal, turning it into a powerful force capable of transforming social structures"
    In keeping with Bishop Antonelli's statement, Italian Caritas is launching a Message to Believers and Governments, calling for peace. "While we carry out the exhausting and imperative task of organizing aid, it is important to cultivate, at a personal and communal level in prayer and reflection, a spirituality which addresses the responsibilities resulting from the tragedy; to find ways to be free of violence; and to be aware that, in this instance, people have not been affected by a natural catastrophe, but are the victims of the actions of war," the Caritas message states.

10:34am 29/4/99 / Zenit


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