Catholic and Protestant leaders in Sulawesi have warned the local Christian faithful against activities allegedly practiced by a Satanic cult. The warning came after a March investigative report was published in a local Manado newspaper.
    UCA News reports that the 1000-member cult, which originates in Pittsburgh USA, practices rites that include drinking the blood of new-born babies, drug use, free sex and human sacrifice.
    To combat the temptation to join the cult, Father Kris Ludong, parish priest of St. Ignatius Church in Manado, asked his parishioners to be faithful in prayers and to strengthen their faith. The local Protestant pastor assured her congregation that strong faith is adequate to face up to Satan.
    Meanwhile, Church leaders in Jakarta also asked Christians to be on guard against the destructive influence of the Satanic cult. While playing down the threat posed by the so-called Satanic Church, Fr Franciscus Xaverius Sumantoro of the Indonesian bishops' conference noted that the Satanic cult targets mainly troubled young people. He called on Church activists to care for youth faced with crises of faith and frustration.

11:17am 27/4/99 / UCA News


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