Just days prior to the beatification of Padre Pio an Italian newspaper has reported another apparent miracle attributed to the intercession of the Capuchin monk.
    Catholic World News reports that in story in the yesterday's edition of Il Messaggero tells of a young man who was badly injured in a traffic accident, and lapsed into a deep coma. Although he was not yet clinically dead, his condition was deteriorating. At that point a Capuchin priest, known for his devotion to Padre Pio, visited the young man and touched him with a relic of the renowned stigmatist. He responded immediately, Il Messaggero reported, and from that point the patient's condition rapidly improved.
    If the cure proves both complete and lasting, and doctors affirm that there is no scientific explanation, such an incident could qualify as a miracle. However, it is not at all clear that such a miracle would hasten the process of canonization for Padre Pio. The procedure for the canonization of saints requires the approval of one miracle, but ordinarily that miracle must take place after the candidate's beatification.

11:52am 23/4/99 / Catholic Weekly


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