The education of youth, and the avoidance of violence, drugs and suicide, "requires infinite patience and affection," as well as proper "spiritual, human and psychological formation," according to Pope John Paul II.
    Speaking at the end of the 'ad limina' visit of the French Canadian bishops, he appealed to all Quebec communities to mobilise in the promotion of the human and Christian formation of youth.
    "In present day society, which does not give the meaning of life, young people ask questions and turn to personal forms of behavior which can be disconcerting to those near them, including the phenomena of violence, drugs, and suicidal attitudes," he said.
    John Paul II encouraged the initiatives taken by the Quebec diocese "to help youth reflect on the emotional dimension of life and on the vocation to matrimony, thus helping them to discover the real meaning and value of human sexuality."
    In a world in which "youth suffers deep wounds, resulting especially from the separation of parents and the creation of new families," the Pope stressed that "the Church has the duty to educate them in their emotional life, based on healthy human and moral values so that in the future they will be able to commit themselves to conjugal life, and be aware of the responsibilities and mission it implies, both for the couple as well as their children."

10:33am 23/4/99 / Zenit


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