In the wake of the worst case of school violence in the country's history, the Archbishop of Denver has highlighted God's mercy.
    "Though it may be difficult tonight, I ask your prayers for the perpetrators of today's crimes, that they will encounter God's mercy," said Archbishop Charles Chaput. "We will all agonise in the coming weeks over what could have prevented today's tragedy. The answer may never be clear, but I'd like to repeat something the U.S. bishops wrote in a document called 'Confronting A Culture of Violence.' They said, 'The best antidote to violence is hope.' "
    Two students of Columbine High School in suburban Denver went on a killing spree that, at last count, has left some 15 students dead and over a dozen seriously injured.
    Meanwhile, in a telegram sent this morning by Pope John Paul II says he was "deeply shocked by news of the terrible tragedy". He asked the Archbishop to "convey to the families and school community the assurance of his prayerful closeness at this very difficult time."
    The Pope also expressed the "earnest hope that American society as a whole will react to this latest act of violence among the young by committing itself to promoting and transmitting the moral vision and the values which alone can ensure respect for the inviolable dignity of human life."

11:13am 22/4/99 / Zenit


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