A federal court ordered a Bavarian school to remove a classroom crucifix on Wednesday after a couple claimed it violated their 10-year-old daughter's rights.
    But the Federal Administrative Court also upheld as constitutional a 1995 Bavarian law that requires the crucifix in classrooms unless a parent raises ``serious and reasonable'' objections. The court says the law was ``valid without reservations.''
    The complaint was filed by a German-Chinese couple living in overwhelmingly Catholic Bavaria. The father had argued that Jesus on the cross was a male symbol degrading to his daughter.
    School authorities in the town of Bruckmuehl and Bavarian courts had rejected the parents' complaints as lacking substance, but the federal court said they were enough to warrant taking down the crucifix.
    The Federal Constitutional Court, Germany's highest, refused to get involved in the crucifix dispute in a different case last year.
    Members of the liberal Greens party and parents have filed several lawsuits since 1986 seeking to overturn the Bavarian classroom tradition.

10:29am 22/4/99 / AP


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